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Sheryl L. Johnson




Sheryl is a partner in the Employment and Labour Law Practice Area.  In her employment practice Sheryl provides strategic advice and perspective on all aspects of the employment relationship, including recommending and assisting in implementing effective measures to expediently manage and proactively address workplace issues and disputes so as to reduce expose to as well as limit liabilities.  This includes such matters as negotiating employment contracts and executive compensation, confidentiality, intellectual property and non-disclosure agreements, restrictive covenants, severance packages and wrongful dismissal settlements; drafting and providing seminars on human resources policies and best practices; drafting employee handbooks; advising clients on federal and provincial statutory matters such as human rights, pay equity, privacy, occupational health and safety, workers' safety, and employment and labour standards entitlements and obligations; conducting workplace investigations, audits and assessments; constitutional issues and determining applicable jurisdiction; disability claims; and conducting wrongful dismissal actions.  In her labour practice Sheryl advises management in all facets of labour relations.  This includes such matters as union certification drives and employer free speech campaigns, unfair labour practice applications, related and successor employer applications, collective bargaining, conciliation and representation before the Ontario Labour Relations Board, the Canada Industrial Relations, grievance arbitrators and grievance arbitration boards.

Sheryl is the author of Sexual Harassment in Canada: A Guide for Understanding and Prevention.


NOVEMBER 30 2018

Marijuana is now legal – Is the sky going to fall?

Business owners across Canada are discussing, and in some cases fretting over, the legalization of marijuana and what it means to their business. As with most changes in the law, preparation is key.  This article first appeared in the November 2018 edition of The Ontario Dealer and is reprinted with permission.

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OCTOBER 16 2018

The Legalization of Recreational Marijuana – Are You Prepared?

As employers are aware, until October 17, 2018, it is illegal to buy, possess or use cannabis for anything other than authorized medical or research purposes.  However as of tomorrow, medical and recreational marijuana will both be legal - but what is legal?

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JULY 18 2018

Sheryl Johnson discusses the workplace climate following the #MeToo movement with HR Professional

In her article Up Close and Personal, Sheryl describes the workplace climate during and following the initial foray of the movement. Read her perspective here.


JUNE 05 2018

The Workplace After Harvey Weinstein & #MeToo

Business owners in organizations of all sizes are examining what sexual misconduct complaints mean for not only their workplaces but their ongoing viability. 

Join us to hear legal and communications professionals outline the steps that organizations, including in their roles as employers, should be taking to not only ensure a harassment-free environment, but also to protect their brand and viability. 

The panel will provide practical tips on what businesses need to do before, in preparation for, and if and when, they are confronted with allegations of harassment in the current  #MeToo context.  Given that all employers have employees, no organization is immune to the potential negative impact of a sexual misconduct complaint.    

Guest Speakers:

  • Sheryl L. Johnson, Labour & Employment lawyer and author of Sexual Harassment: A Guide to Understanding and Prevention
  • Deborah Thompson, President of DT Communications


Tuesday, June 5, 2018

5:00 Cocktail Reception 
5:30 Presentation/Q&A 
6:30 Networking

Fogler, Rubinoff LLP, 77 King Street West, Suite 3000 TD Centre North Tower

Please RSVP to Kaley Green by Monday, May 28, 2018 at or 416.864.7628

 If you have questions for our panel please forward them in advance to Kaley Green.


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MAY 10 2018

Workplace Romances – what to do when love turns sour?

Justin Jakubiak and Sheryl Johnson discuss workplace romances in the most recent edition of the Ontario Dealer.

This article first appeared in the May 2018 edition of the Ontario Dealer and was reprinted with permission.

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MAY 03 2018

What Ontario Employers Need To Know From A Pay Equality Perspective

Upon the 30th anniversary of the Pay Equity Act in 2017 the Pay Equity Office implemented several new initiatives to support its administration and enforcement of the Pay Equity Act...

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MARCH 13 2018

Balanced Responses To Allegations Of Sexual Misconduct In The Workplace Are Key

Addressing and responding to sexual misconduct in the workplace is complex and involves many facets...

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MARCH 06 2018

Balanced Response Key to Workplace Sexual Misconduct Allegations

 Sheryl Johnson discusses how addressing and responding to sexual misconduct in the workplace is complex and involves many facets.  Read her perspective "Balanced Response Key to Workplace Sexual Misconduct Allegations" in the Lawyer's Daily. 

NOVEMBER 30 2017

LEXPERT’s 9th Annual Information Privacy and Data Protection Seminar

Bill Hearn, Howard Burshtein, Ron Davis, Sheryl Johnson, Rob Macdonald, Rudy Morrone, Young Park, Colleen Spring Zimmerman and Ravi Shukla will be speaking at LEXPERT’s 9th Annual Information Privacy and Data Protection Seminar. This full day course will highlight:

  • Big Data and Other Developments in the Public Sector and Elsewhere
  • General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) - Implications for Canadian Business
  • Privacy Litigation Cases - Recent Developments
  • Blockchain - The Promise and The Perils
  • OPC Compliance Priorities and Strategic Directions
  • Cyber Risk Management Guidance for Corporate Directors
  • Issues in Employee Privacy
  • CASL Update

For more information, Click Here to view the Seminar Brochure

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OCTOBER 04 2017

Bill 148: Proposed Changes to the Ontario Labour Relations Act

If Bill 148 passes in a form similar to that which is before the Legislature, the following amendments would apply to the Ontario Labour Relations Act ("OLRA") six months after it comes into force...

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Sheryl Johnson: Sexual Harassment in Canada: A Guide for Understanding and Prevention

Sexual Harassment in Canada: A Guide for Understanding and Prevention, written by Sheryl Johnson, is a comprehensive new book that covers the most common sexual harassment issues as well as providing insight on sexual harassment in the electronic age, issues related to social media and best practices for addressing a claim or a potential claim, and their public relations consequences. It also provides in-depth commentary on the legislation and case law related to this important topic.

Written in an accessible and straightforward question and answer format, this text offers useful information on the most common issues that executives, employers, office managers and educators face, and leads readers through best practices in identifying and managing sexual harassment complaints. It also discusses the essentials that are relevant to providing training and implementing policies that may eliminate sexual harassment and the subsequent complaints from arising in the workplace and our schools.


DECEMBER 18 2016

BYOD Tips for the Modern Law Firm

Sheryl Johnson shares her perspective with Just Magazine in her article BYOD Tips for the Modern Law Firm. Sheryl discusses how with IT consumerization comes the need for lawyers, as corporate employers, to implement comprehensive BYOD programs to balance organizational needs, professional obligations as well as employer and employee preferences.

DECEMBER 01 2016

BYOD and Social Media – Legal issues and Best Practices to Reduce Employer Liability

BYOD and Social Media – Legal issues and Best Practices to Reduce Employer Liability, Presented at the Lexpert Information Privacy and Data Protection Seminar

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MARCH 24 2016

Bill 132: Significant Changes to the Laws in Ontario

On March 8, 2016 Bill 132: An Act to amend various statutes with respect to sexual violence, sexual harassment, domestic violence and related matters received Royal Assent...

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Sheryl Johnson Appears on Rogers TV - Toronto Speaks: Legal Advice

Sheryl Johnson appears as a guest panelist on Roger TV's 'Toronto Speaks: Legal Advice' (hosted by Natalka Falconer) to discuss the area of employment and labour law.

Time: September 16, 2013 at 9:00pm.
How to watch: Channels 10 & 63

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Industry Groups

Speaking Engagements

  • Law Society's 7th Annual Human Rights Summit, Panellist, "Sexual Harassment and Discrimination in the Legal Workplace," December 2018
  • The Workplace After Harvey Weinstein and #MeToo, Presenter, June 2018
  • Hamilton & Niagara HRPA Conference, Panellist "Harrassment in the Workplace," April 2018
  • Lexpert's Information Privacy and Data Protection Semainr, Presenter "Issues in Employee Privacy," November 2017
  • Lexpert's Information Privacy and Data Protection Seminar, Presenter "Social Media and BYOD," December 2016
  • Lorman/Lormit: Employment Standards in Ontario, 1999 - 2011 - Presenter and Chair of conferences for managers and HR professionals concerning interpretation of the Ontario ESA, 2000
  • Goldhawk Live - Rob TV/BNN – CityNews – Toronto - Toronto Speaks - Discussion of workplace issues
  • HRPAO Conference - Presenter at the HRPAO conferences discussing topics including restrictive covenants


  • Canadian Bar Association, 1999 - Present

Community Work

  • Pro bono work for not-for-profit organization

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