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Rachel Fielding




Rachel is a commercial litigation associate who is developing a broad practice, which includes construction, environmental litigation, condominium litigation, wills and estates, breach of contract, and other general commercial litigation matters.

She is a strong advocate and has appeared on behalf of clients at all levels of court in Ontario, and various administrative tribunals and regulatory bodies.

Prior to obtaining her Juris Doctor from Osgoode Hall Law School, Rachel graduated with a B.A. in Communications and a minor in Creative Writing from the University of Pennsylvania. She has a passion for animals and has published a book on potcakes (island dogs) in The Bahamas.


JUNE 16 2021

Published in JUST: Forging Your Own Path: Alternative Routes to Big Law

Featured in the OBA's JUST Magazine:

APRIL 26 2021

Defining Terms and the Important Distinction Between Rules and Policies

In Boodram v Peel Standard Condominium Corporation No. 843, the Condominium Authority Tribunal (the "CAT") reviewed the Corporation's ability to make a determination as to whether someone is a visitor or resident, in order to properly apply the Corporation's declaration provision which prohibits a resident from parking in Visitor Parking.

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APRIL 16 2021

Forging Your Own Path: Alternative Routes to Big Law

DECEMBER 22 2020

Condominium Law Update: New SCC Decision Confirms the Duty to Act Honestly in Contracts

In C.M. Callow Inc. v Zollinger, 2020 SCC 45, a decision released on December 18, 2020, the Supreme Court of Canada confirmed that parties to a contract must act in good faith and have a duty to act honestly, even when exercising a right of termination in a contract. 

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APRIL 20 2020

"My Dog Ate The Records: The CAT Takes a Hard Line on Reasonable Excuses"

In one of the most recent decisions of the Condominium Authority Tribunal ("CAT" or the "Tribunal"), we can see that the CAT is taking a hard line on corporations and a "reasonable excuse" for the non-production of records. In Surinder Mehta v Peel Condominium Corporation No. 389, 2020 ONCAT 9, the Tribunal determined quite decisively that "they do not exist" is not a reasonable excuse for not producing required records, and corporations can expect to pay the maximum penalty in such situations.

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APRIL 14 2020

"Residents Are in Isolation, How Can we Help?"

Unfortunately, due to the contagious nature of COVID-19, it is likely a matter of when, and not if, a resident will test positive, or be placed into isolation for being in contact with someone who has tested positive. As such, corporations need to be prepared.

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FEBRUARY 28 2020

Foglers partnered with Abuse Hurts to hold a winter clothing drive benefiting Indigenous women

Fogler, Rubinoff LLP partnered with Abuse Hurts and five other Bay Street law firms to hold a winter clothing drive to benefit Indigenous women who have been the victims of abuse. The clothing drive collective 68 bags which were donated to a Toronto First Nations youth centre, and will be distributed from there to their network of shelters and agencies who help Indigenous women.

Abuse Hurts is a charitable organization that aims to raise awareness about the true cost of abuse and supports organizations that help individuals whose lives have been impacted by abuse.

To learn more about Abuse Hurts or to make a monetary donation, please visit their website.

Clothing Drive Photo

OCTOBER 08 2019

Trials and Tribulations of a CAT

Summer came late to Toronto this year, and with it, came an inudation of Condominium Authority Tribunal ("CAT" or the "Tribunal") matters.

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NOVEMBER 20 2018

"This is a Lawsuit Waiting to Happen: Pre-Litigation Tips"

Most of the time, our clients turn a blind eye to the possibility of a lawsuit. Clients will bury their heads in the sand until the fateful moment when the lawsuit becomes an actuality and can no longer be ignored. Despite your best efforts, you might not be able to avoid a lawsuit...

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Out of the Chair and into the Fire: New Directive on Ontario's Fire Code

High-rise buildings pose vertical challenges for firefighters.  Recent fires in high-rise buildings have caused fire officials to crack down on the enforcement of the Ontario's Fire Code (which is Regulation 231/07 made under the Fire Protection and Prevention Act, 1997 the "FPPA")...

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Admitted to the Ontario Bar, 2017
J.D., Osgoode Hall Law School, 2016
B.A., University of Pennsylvania, 2011



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  • The Advocate’s Society

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